Pop Rivets

Rivet Holdings Ltd is a UK based company specialising in Pop Rivets, Rivet Nuts, Sheet Metal Fasteners, Cage Nuts, Weld Studs, AR Bolt System, Industrial Fasteners and Structural Tools.

POP Rivets are available in a range of body styles such as: Break Head Open, Break Stem Open, Closed End, F Series, Grooved, HR (High Retention), LSR (Load Spreading Rivet), MGR (Multi-Grip Rivet), Peel, Removable Rivet, Soft Set, T-Rivet, TVD. head styles in: 120° Countersunk, Large Flange, Low Profile Domed Head and in materials such as: Aluminium, Copper, Nickel Copper Alloy, Stainless Steel and Steel.

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Both pop rivets and rivet nuts provide a quick and easy answer for all types of applications where components are jointed together to form a solid anchor and clean finish. The fasteners are easily installed with pop hand or power riveting tools, that when used correctly offer your work piece a fast installation without damage to painted or finished surfaces.

Our huge stocks of pop rivets allow us to dispatch most orders within 24hrs and maintain very competitive pricing structures on pop rivet products.

Time is precious, the quicker you order your pop rivets, rivet nuts and rivet tools the faster you can move onto more pressing matters. Rivetwise offers online, phone and fax ordering facilities. If you are unable to find what you require or need more specific help with any of our pop products please contact us at sales@rivetwise.co.uk or using the phone and fax numbers below.

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