XGrip N08QI Large Blind Rivet Nut Setting Tool

Masterfix XGrip N08QI Large Blind Rivet Nut Setting Tool
XGrip N08QI Large Blind Rivet Nut Setting Tool
Product Code: MFXN08QI
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Developed with an emphasis on reliability, ergonomics, and continuous operations

Equipped with quick interchange system, meaning without any instruments the conversion kits can be changed. Other notable features include a pressure regulation system to ensure a correct setting of the insert/bolt, and automatic right and left-hand running for quick and easy setting.


  • Hydraulic/pneumatic blind riveting power tool.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • No key needed, utilizes the Masterfix quick interchange system.
  • Masterfix power tools meet the current CE-standard.


  • Capacity all mat.: M3 - M8 blind rivet nuts and bolts
  • Weight: 2.2 kg
  • Operation power: 5 – 7 Bar
  • Pulling force: 2.1 kN (6 Bar)
  • Dimensions L x H: 313 x 276 mm
  • Stroke: 9mm max.
  • Equipment Included: Conversion kit blind inserts M4 - M8,
  • Equipment Optional: Conversion kit blind rivet bolts M4 - M8 (optional, not included in set)



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