ProSet XT4 Rivet Tool PROSET XT4
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The ProSet® XT4 is the strongest tool of the ProSet family.

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The ProSet XT4 is the strongest tool of the ProSet family. With 23 kN the XT4 delivers the highest pull force in the range but weighs in at just about 2 kg. As well as structural breakstem rivets, the high capacity of the XT4 also allows installation of Avdelok, Maxlok and Avtainer lockbolts. The tool features an ultra-high tensile piston rod for maximum tool life and a hydraulic damping for smooth operation. The innovative, ergonomic design ensures maximum user comfort and efficiency.

The ProSet XT4 will set 4.0mm (5/32") to 6.4mm (1/4”) diameter rivets in all materials. It will also set 4.8 (3/16") to 6.4mm (1/4”) diameter lockbolts and 6.0 to 12.0mm diameter sealing plugs with additional nose assembly.

Features & Benefits


  • High force to weight ratio
  • Quick disconnect nose housing
  • Quick disconnect jaw case housing
  • Quick release MCS (mandrel collection system) bottle
  • Integral exhaust valves for fast setting times



  • Class leading lightweight construction with balanced handling
  • Comfortable, low activation force trigger
  • Adjustable vacuum exhaust direction


Economy & Safety

  • Air isolation switch during MCS bottle removal
  • On/Off, left or right swivel air fitting


  • Weight 2.16kg
  • Pull Force at 5.5 Bar – 23.0kN
  • Force/Weight Ratio – 10.65kN/kg
  • Stroke (mm) – 18.0
  • Cycle time – 1.0 second
  • Air supply pressure (dry,filtered) – 5.0-7.0 Bar
  • Free air volume at 5.5 bar – 6.3l
  • Noise level – 77.9 dB(A)

No tools required for routine maintenance and cleaning 
The ProSet XT4 requires no tools for routine maintenance and cleaning. Both front and rear end components can be serviced in minutes without removing the tool from the production line. The patented quick-disconnect nose housing and jaw ensure rapid cleaning and maintenance of the front end without the need for any tools.



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