POWERBIRD PRO - Battery Powered Riveting Tool - Li Ion

POWERBIRD PRO - Battery Powered Riveting Tool  - Li Ion
POWERBIRD PRO - Battery Powered Riveting Tool  - Li IonPOWERBIRD PRO - Battery Powered Riveting Tool  - Li Ion


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With brushless motor technology for high reliability and large volume use of blind rivets, this tool has been designed to meet the highest customer requirements.

Due to the brushless motor and 15,000 N force setting the PowerBird Pro Edition is even more durable and will set all standard blind rivets up to Ø 6,4 mm all materials, and structural rivets up to 6.4 in all materials, such as Megagrip, G-Bulb as well as Avdel Monobolt & Huck Magna-Lok. This tool will also set Bulb-Tite rivets upto 7.7mm in all materials.

The originator and market leader of battery powered blind riveting for over 20 years are pleased to launch the first of a new generation of Bird tooling.

Since there are no wear-prone brushes used, the motor of the PowerBird Pro Edition is extremely durable, sparkless (ideal for safety critical enviroments) almost wear-free and ensures reliable setting with fast return speeds.

Additional parts are required to convert the tool to set Bulb-Tite, Monobolt and Magna-Lok, please ask for details to enable us to quote you.

Key features at a glance:

  • Strong and durable BLDC motor resulting in faster setting times
  • 25 mm stroke as standard for long blind rivets
  • 15 kN setting force for high strength blind rivets
  • LED illumination in the collar to give a clearer view of the application
  • Improved stability due to large non-slip standing surface and low center of gravity
  • Hand-friendly housing with Soft Grip handle
  • State of the art Li-Ion 18.5V 2.1Ah sliding battery technology
  • Battery charge level indicator
  • Charger with quick charge function
  • Improved charging time of 45-90mins
  • Brushless motor so no sparking issues

 Tool is supplied in a lightweight but durable plastic box with one 18.5V 2.1Ah battery and 100-240V charger

NOW WITH 2 YEARS WARRANTY AS STANDARD. (Does not include the battery)


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