POWERBIRD2 - Battery Powered Riveting Tool - Li-Ion

Battery Powered Riveting Tool - Li-Ion POWERBIRD2
POWERBIRD2 - Battery Powered Riveting Tool - Li-IonPOWERBIRD2 - Battery Powered Riveting Tool - Li-Ion
Product Code: POWERBIRD2


GESIPA POWERBIRD2 - Heavy Duty Riveter

BATTERY RIVETER 4.0MM - 8.0MM with 2 x New 14.4v Li-Ion Batteries.

The PowerBird can set all types of standard blind rivets upto 8.0mm and structural blind rivets upto 6.4 diameter in all materials. It can also set upto 6.3mm in all materials and 7.7mm diameter Bulb-Tite in aluminium - (Additional cost for conversion to set Bulb-Tite). 

(complies with EU Directive 2006/66/EG effective Sept 2010 - withdrawl of NiCd batteries)

The versatile cableless Riveting Tool for outdoor and indoor aplications.

High battery autonomy.(Between 150-1000 rivets per charge depenant upon diameter and material.

High total stroke of 20 mm. 

Tool comes complete in a carry case with charger and two batteries, and is fitted as standard with a europlug which is suitable for UK & European power supplies.

NOW WITH 2 YEARS WARRANTY AS STANDARD. (Does not cover the battery)


Full range of spare parts available


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