Optia Spectralock

Optia Spectralock
Optia Spectralock
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Spectralock Bolt

Rivetwise can supply you with the entire range of products from Stanley Engineered Fastening including the Optia Spectralock® Bolt.

Spectralock® technology modifies basic joint behavior instead of relying on thread friction. Its asymmetric thread design limits the clearance between threads to create three specific contact points engaging with the female thread form. The Spectralock patented design is an advantageous fastening solution which allows for a standard female threaded hole to utilize this self-locking bolt for consistent locking and reusability in situations where cyclic or high temperatures are present and severe vibration occurs.

Fast Facts:

  • High vibration loosening performance
  • High seating torque
  • High off-torque
  • Better pull out strength
  • Critical stress Intensity is now shifted

Unique Selling Features:

  • Vibration loosening resistance
  • High pre-load torque and high off-load torque
  • Easy run-in
  • Even distribution of tightened load at root diameter
  • Minimized fatigue failure
  • Eliminate the use of patching


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