Nelson NS40 SD Arc Stud Welding Gun

Nelson NS40 SD Arc Stud Welding Gun
Nelson NS40 SD Arc Stud Welding Gun

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Nelson® arc stud welding guns are designed specifically to weld studs 5/8" diameter and larger.


  • Operates with D.C. power sources such as the Nelweld, transformer-rectifiers, or Nelson®inverters

  • To minimize weld splatter, a TRANQUIL-ARC® assembly option is available for this gun.

  • Click stop” lift adjustment with .010" increments assures precise control of lift height and arc voltage.

  • 5/16" diameter stainless legs resist flexing with longer length studs.

  • Ergonomic shape and balance reduces operator fatigue.

  • Stainless steel legs with milled flats resists galling from leg screws and allows free movement of leg assembly during plunge adjustment.

  • Constructed from thermo-plastic resin for maximum strength and longevity