NCD+1600 Capacitor Discharge Welder

Nelson NCD+1600 Capacitor Discharge Welder
NCD+1600 Capacitor Discharge Welder

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The line of Capacitor Discharge stud welding equipment from Nelson® represents state-of-the-art technology for small diameter fastening to light gauge metals. Three different model offerings allow for the most economical solution to application demands. The microprocessor-controlled system achieves maximum weld control and operator safety. Stepless voltage adjustment and digital displays assist in precise weld adjustment. Diagnostic LED’s and fault codes inform the operator of system status.

NCD+™ is a dependable, new generation capacitor discharge (CD) stud welding power source developed around the traditional transformer rectifier CD power topology, controlled by high performance 32-bit microprocessor with integrated DSP technology. It is the ideal tool to weld up to 3/8” (M8) CD studs with the contact CD or gap CD welding process to eliminate drilling, tapping, grinding and polishing operations