NB08PT-18- Battery Powered Rivet Nut Tool

NB08PT-18- Battery Powered Rivet Nut Tool
Product Code: NB08PT-18-GB1832


The STANLEY Assembly Technologies® NB08PT-18 Battery Powered Blind Rivet Nut Tool Features integrated multi control capabilities, this easy-to-use tool ensures optimumproductivity, reduced rework, and increased quality performance for durable and permanent blind rivet nut assemblies.

Ergonomic, cordless blind rivet nut tool maximizes placing capability, ensures optimum productivity, and reduces installation cost.

Maximises productivity: Installs 900 (M6 steel) blind rivet nuts with a single charge, using a 2.0Ah battery. No compressed air lines means significant enhancement to operator mobility.

Easy to use: Quick release nose equipment, quick slide battery installation, LED light to ensure clear line of sight to the application, ergonomic soft grip handle for operator comfort. The build in touch screen allows the stroke and force settings to be easily entered and adjusted, as well setting up of the cycle counter and poke-yoke features.

  • Enhances operator mobility, enabling them to move easily around applications without the constraints and hazards of a compressed air line.
  • Operates in both pull-to-force and pull-to-strokes modes, therefore offering exceptional adaptability and productivity benefits.
  • Maximizes output and reduces operator fatigue thanks to its balanced, ergonomic design.
  • Prevents unscheduled downtime, combining the benefits of longlasting DEWALT lithium-ion battery with industry leading charging time. Tool-less, quick change, nose equipment further enhances productivity.
  • Delivers permanent and vibration-resistant assembly when used in conjunction with POP® and Avdel® blind rivet nuts.
  • Simplified inventory management, service and support as a result of the single source tool and fastener system offering

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