Lobster R1B1 - Cordless Rivet Tool

Lobster R1B1 - Cordless Rivet Tool
Lobster R1B1 - Cordless Rivet ToolLobster R1B1 - Cordless Rivet Tool
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Compact, fast, and easier to use. Advanced Cordless Riveter

A high-performance yet compact cordless riveter has made its debut, going beyond the conventional norm. This tool substantially improves work efficiency and precisely meets your needs when long hours of work are required. It is a Lobtex masterpiece, with energy-saving and foolproof features, and it helps fulfill your desire to make your factory “cordless.”

The smallest size and compact body in its class.


Mandrel Collector

Lobster Cordless Features

Mandrel collector with increased capacity for improved work efficiency
The mandrel collector placed on the side allows for location of mandrel ejection port on the top of the tool. This design is effective for smoothly storing mandrels throughout the collector, resulting in an increased number of mandrels stored during work. Minimal work interruptions make riveting less frustrating.

LED Spotlight

Lobster Cordless Features

LED spotlight for precisely illuminating the object
Feel assured even when working in a dimly lit or narrow place. An LED spotlight illuminates the riveting area precisely.

Safety Device

Lobster Cordless Features

Safety device to prevent mandrels from shooting out
In a case where the mandrel collector is dislodged or not fitted properly, a safety device is actuated to interrupt the riveter power supply and disable the trigger. This feature prevents mandrels from shooting out and ensures work safety.

Made in Japan Battery

Lobster Cordless Features

Highly reliable Japanese-made battery
A high-capacity lithium-ion battery, made in Japan, significantly increases the amount of work done during the battery’ s life. The R1B1 and R1B2 installs 560 rivets on a single charge. (※1)

Ejection Capability

Lobster Cordless Features

Eject rivets in the event of unexpected operation stoppage
Even if the riveting tool stops working due to battery depletion with a rivet in the process of being clamped, it is possible to remove the rivet by pressing the eject button.


Lobster Cordless Features

Foolproof system well suited for riveting management
The R1B1 can be supplied with a digital counter (build to order). Unless each riveting cycle is complete, the counter does not advance, enabling the user to minimize overlooked work deficiencies or riveting defects and to achieve foolproof rivet number management



Stroke (mm) 22
Traction Power (N) 10500
Weight (kg) 1.9 *
Riveting Capacity Ø (mm/inch)

2.4 (3/32")
3.2 (1/8")
4.0 (5/32")
4.8 (3/16")

Overall Length L (mm) 260
Height H (mm) 260
Frame Head Diam. D (mm) 21
Width W (mm) 90
T 33

* At the time battery pack BPL1415 is installed.

Lobster Cordless Nose Pieces


Energy-saving and environmentally friendly

Installs seven times more rivets than conventional models on a single charge. The R1B1 and R1B2 consumes only one forty-fifth of the power consumed by an air riveter thanks to a lithium-ion battery and energy-efficient power transmission system. (※1) This riveting tool installs 560 rivets on a single charge. (※2)

The smallest size and compact body in its class

Lobtex's unique motor layout provides for a more compact body with a shorter distance between trigger and riveting point which ensures ease of rivet setting and riveting process.

Functionality and aesthetic design

Designed by Product Designer Toshiyuki Kita, the R1B1 and R1B2 is easy to grip, well balanced and aesthetically functional yet, built to endure the everyday work environment.

Energy-efficient power transmission system

A ball screw that efficiently converts rotations to linear motions and a planetary gear that transmits greater torque to ensure smoother riveting

High Speed Riveting

With a 1.5 second cycle time, ranks the R1B1 and R1B2 in the industry's fastest class of cordless riveters. Substantially faster than previous models, the R1B1 and R1B2 truly converts your factory "cordless". (※1)

Handling user-friendly

The cordless design gives exceptional ease of operation. The handle is installed at an angle for positioning the tool toward the riveting point with ease. In addition, the tool’ s excellent weight balance causes less wrist fatigue after long hours of work. The grip-assist elastomer ensures reliable non-slippery grip for use with gloves.


(※1) Comparison with the compressor power consumption at the time pneumatic riveter is used
(※2) Measurement using 4.8mm(3/16") stainless steel rivet (NST6-2).




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