Lobster ARF-700 - Automatic Rivet Feeding System

Lobster ARF-700 - Automatic Rivet Feeding System
Lobster ARF-700 - Automatic Rivet Feeding SystemLobster ARF-700 - Automatic Rivet Feeding SystemLobster ARF-700 - Automatic Rivet Feeding System

Product Code: L-ARF-700

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Faster, reliable, improved work efficiency!


  • Reduces riveting cycle time and lowers running costs.
  • Reduces the time lost when inserting rivets into the riveter
  • Rivet loading is half-automated so it is possible to simultaneously line up the holes in the materila during loading.


  • Approx. 60 rivets/minute loading speed
  • Riveting speed of over 1,500 rivets/hour possible

Functions and features

Improved productivity and workability

  • Each rivet is automatically held in place as soon as the riveter is inserted into the feeder head
  • One hand is free allowing for material handling or other workstation tasks
  • Productivity is increased by 180% to 300% (esimation by Lobtex)
  • Clean work environment can me maintained using the detachable mandrel vauum system hose (optional)

Freely adjustable line layout

  • Feeder casters allow for portability simple
  • Compact design eliminated the need to designate specific installation location
  • Easily detachable feeder head can be set in the appropriate location along the line
  • Feeder head is expandable(option) to fit the size of the rivet

Durable, maintenance-free design

  • Misfeed tank helps avoid delays by catching misfed rivets and allowing system to continue to operate
  • Acrylic lid on top of the feeder allow easy replenishment of rivets
  • Set the rivets on the track rail and operation will pause to save energy
  • Counter (optional) displays the number of rivets used for easy verification.


Weight (kg) 32kg (70.5lb), GW 36kg (79.4lb)
Electric power souce ※ AC 100V (50/60Hz)
Operating air pressure 0.5~0.6MPa
Air consumption per 1 rivet 4 ℓ/Pcs
Air consumption at 20 rivets / minute 120 ℓ/minute
Power consumption 70W

※AC220V(50/60Hz)、AC120V(60Hz) optional

Type of ARF700

Part NumberRivet sizeBasket Capacity
ARF-700-32 4-1 ~ 4-6 2000Pcs
ARF-700-40 5-2 ~ 5-6 1500Pcs
ARF-700-48 6-2 ~ 6-6 1000Pcs
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