Lobster AR2000H - Pneumatic-Hydraulic Power Rivet Tool

Pneumatic-Hydraulic Power Rivet Tool Lobster AR2000H

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  • Lightweight, with excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • Soft-Set shockless technology offers ergonomically correct action to minimize risk of CTDs (cumulative trauma disorders)
  • Ultra Jaws for longer life
  • Noise-reducing muffler
  • Sets up to 1/4" (6.4mm) standard rivets in all materials
  • Wear-resistant surfaces extend tool life
  • Air whip hose can be connected to either side of tool for flexibility in use
  • Long stroke

The 2000 Series riveters are built with a high impact polymer case to deliver value and performance in a lightweight, powerful package. The 2000 Series features a quicker rivet setting cycle and longer stroke for increased productivity. Lobster's exclusive Soft-Set® shockless technology absorbs jarring vibrations, which enhances worker safety and minimizes the risk of cumulative trauma disorders (CTD’s).