GAV8000 - Auto Feed Riveting System

GAV8000 - Auto Feed Riveting System
GAV8000 - Auto Feed Riveting SystemGAV8000 - Auto Feed Riveting System
Product Code: G-GAV8000


With all the existing features of the Gesipa’s proven GAV system, GAV 8000 is advanced with the process monitoring and control function.

Capable of setting Rivets from 2.4mm up to 6.4mm in Aluminium and Copper, 6.0mm in steel & 5.0mm in stainless with shaft length up to 30mm

With completely new electronic control and integrated setting process monitoring function, GAV 8000 provides real time process analysis and error detection of each rivet being installed. Easy access to programming menu and display of individual graphs for each rivet set is enabled by Colour display with membrane control switches. System memory stores data on up to 260,000 riveting operations for a global analysis of the riveting process.

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