Firefox 2 - Pneumatic Hydraulic Rivet Nut Tool

Pneumatic Hydraulic Rivet Nut Tool Firefox 2
Firefox 2 - Pneumatic Hydraulic Rivet Nut ToolFirefox 2 - Pneumatic Hydraulic Rivet Nut Tool
Product Code: G-Firefox


The Firefox 2 is a brand new pneumatic hydraulic rivet nut setting tool.

The FireFox® 2 pneumatic-hydraulic blind rivet nut setting tool is controlled either in terms of stroke or setting force. The latter in particular protects the material to be joined as well as the thread, ensures secure anchoring of the blind rivet nut while providing a high degree of process reliability. The choice whether stroke or setting force-controlled depends on the length of the blind rivet nut and the thickness of the material. The setting force of the tool needs to be adjusted for blind rivet nut sizes of the same or varying length in different material thicknesses. If the same blind rivet nut size and length are always set into the same material thicknesses, it is possible to apply a constant setting stroke. The colour-coded adjusting ring allows you to pre-adjust the setting force quickly and with precision. The stroke scale is quick and easy to set even under poor light conditions. The blue ring on the stroke scale makes it easy to clearly recognise the maximum stroke. And with an automatic restrictor, it is also possible to install blind rivet nuts of size M3 and above even more securely and protectively. Moreover, seals made from PTFE (Teflon®) ensure an improved service life of the slide valve.

  • Compact tool with spin/pull technology
  • Single trigger action for setting and spin off
  • Tool comes set for individual size only - please specify when ordering
  • Capacity M3 - M12 in all materials
  • Nosepieces & mandrels are also available in Imperial or US standards
  • Manual Adjustable Stroke or Pressure Control Setting
  • Unique colour coding system for fast set up of pressure control setting
  • Low Maintenance due to 100% constistency in pulling force upon each setting so long as the set up is correct in the first place
  • Tool is commissioned free on site with the operators (UK mainland only)
  • Full range of spare parts available
Air consumption approx. 2 to 4 ltr. per rivet nut (depending on nut size) 
Air hose connection 6 mm Ø (1/4") 
Dimension of packaging 340 X 350 X 115 mm 
Operating air pressure 5 - 7 bar 
Operating mode Compressed air 
Stroke Adjustable, max.: 10 mm 
Total weight 2,4 kg 
Traction power Adjustable, max. 18,5 KN at 5 bar 
Working range Blind rivet nuts from M3 to M10 in all materials as well as M12 in aluminium and steel.


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