B23LA Lever Tool

STANLEY® Assembly Technologies B23LA Lever Tool
B23LA Lever Tool
Product Code: STN-B23LA
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Our cordless B23LA Lever Tool is transducer-controlled battery powered tool for threaded fastening assembly

The long-life battery allows the operator to work productively and efficiently without the hassle, hazards, and potential damage from cables in the workplace.

The B23LA Lever Tool is part of the B Series cordless assembly tool product line.  The B Series cordless torque tools are an extension of the QPM electric torque tool family and feature a closed-loop transducer control, as well as a brushless DC motor that delivers high performance and reliability. Common parts between these product lines offer low service and maintenance costs.

This tool is also available in specialty outputs: Flush, Crowfoot, Tube Nut, Hold and Drive, Safe Hold and Drive, Inline and Offset.

Fast Facts:

  • The lightest weight cordless torque tool in this class of product.
  • One of the smallest sized solutions available.
  • Well-balanced with an operator friendly design for increased productivity.
  • Provides visual and audible operator feedback.
  • Closed-loop transducer control and brushless DC motor deliver high performance and reliability.
  • Shipped with one battery pack and one charger.
  • Additional battery packs and chargers may be ordered separately.


  • 105 – 665 RPM Range
  • 12, 17, 23, 35, 42, 52, 70 and 95 Nm
  • 3/8" (SD) Standard Output on 12 – 42 Nm) and ½" (SD) Standard Output on 52 – 95 Nm
  • Output Options: ¼" QC on 12 and 17 Nm, ½" SD on 23, 35 and 42 Nm
  • Weight:

4.3 lbs (1.95 kg) on 23 Nm

4.4 lbs (1.98 kg) on 35 Nm

4.6 lbs (2.11 Nm) on 42 Nm

5.1 lbs (2.32 kg) on 52 Nm

5.5 lbs (2.95 kg) on 70 and 95 Nm


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