B12P Pistol Grip Tool

STANLEY® Assembly Technologies B12P Pistol Grip Tool
B12P Pistol Grip Tool
Product Code: STN-B12P
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The B12P Pistol Grip Tool is a battery-powered cordless tool built for precision fastening.

Available in a pistol style (B12PB) and a push-to-start model (B12PP), both feature autonomous operation mode programming via a micro-USB port.  The unit can store data for the last 500 fastening cycles and one trace.  This allows operators to access trackable information to ensure they are putting the right torque on the fastener.

The B12P line works well in for hard-to-reach, enclosed, overhead applications. It is also used for interior assembly and installations, electronic assembly benches, and repair and rework stations.

Fast Facts:

  • The lightest weight cordless torque tool in this class of product.
  • One of the smallest sized solutions available.
  • Well-balanced with an operator friendly design for increased productivity.
  • Provides visual and audible operator feedback.
  • Closed-loop transducer control and brushless DC motor deliver high performance and reliability.
  • Shipped with one battery pack and one charger.
  • Additional battery packs and chargers may be ordered separately.


  • 357 – 1257 RPM Range
  • 5, 8, 11 and 15 Nm – Pistol Style
  • 5, 8, 11 Nm – Push-to-Start Style
  • ¼" (QC) Standard Output
  • Output Options: ¼" or 3/8" SD
  • Weight without the battery: 2.1 lbs (0.96 kg)
  • Weight with 20V / 5Ah battery: 3.4 lbs (1.55 kg)


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