Avdel Avtainer

Avdel Avtainer
Avdel Avtainer
Product Code: Avtainer


With a high shear strength due to the internally locked stem, the Avtainer fastener creates a vibration-resistant joint which is also watertight – thanks to the unique under head Santoprene™ seal.

This high strength steel fastener is designed for joining composite panels to metal. Avtainer can be used to fasten metal to metal and metal to GRP or composites. Assembly applications include commercial vehicles, container, and partitioning.

The Avtainer prevents cracking and pull through of composite materials, and is particularly successful in the assembly of GRP vehicle panels.


  • Prevents cracking and pull through of composite materials.
  • Ideal for the assembly of GRP vehicle panels.
  • High shear strength for strong joint integrity.
  • Under head Santoprene™ seal.
  • Internally locked stem provides a secure, vibration-resistant joint.
  • Smaller shell size available for use against metal surfaces.
  • Low profile head and shell offer neat installed appearance.
  • Optional encapsulated heads to match the surrounding panel color.
  • Quick to install with Genesis placing tools.
  • Easy to inspect for tampering.
  • TIR approved – easy to inspect for tampering.


  • Sizes: 10.0 mm (3/8")
  • Materials: Low Carbon Steel
  • Headforms: Low Profile
  • Option: Encapsulated heads


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