Avdel 73200 Tool

Avdel 73200 Tool
Avdel 73200 Tool
Product Code: AV73200
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The Avdel® 73200 delivers unmatched fastening efficiency and dependability.

Featuring a patented hydraulic design and using the latest sealing and guiding technology, the Avdel® 73200 delivers unmatched fastening efficiency and dependability.

The innovative hydraulic operation of the 73200 reduces shock loading during operation, and increases time before re-priming. The tool also includes the latest technology bearing rings, lip seals, and wipers, resulting in proven tool robustness, minimal oil-loss, and long life.

The one-piece design of the forged aerospace-grade aluminum alloy head and handle delivers the optimum combination of low weight, high strength, and lasting durability.

Fast Facts:

  • Hydro-pneumatic hand tool for Avdel® lockbolts.
  • Ergonomic design with comfortable handle to reduce operator fatigue.
  • Head shape optimized assembly access.
  • Static deflector. Fixed head length as no external moving parts.
  • Lightweight, stress-free Genesis® pneumatic trigger operation.
  • Forged aerospace-grade aluminum alloy one-piece head and handle.
  • Maraging steel head piston and air piston rod for improved robustness and long life.
  • Existing nose equipment, uses the well-proven standard 722 series components.


  • Weight: 4.9 kg (without nose equipment)
  • Pull Force: 28.5 kN at 5.5 bar
  • Stroke: 21 mm
  • Cycle Time: 3.0 sec
  • Noise Level:
  • Vibration: <2.5m/s²


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