ACCUBIRD PRO CAS in Cardboard Box

ACCUBIRD PRO CAS in Cardboard Box
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GESIPA relies on CAS - the manufacturer-independent battery system. More than 180 electrical devices – but just one battery! With the Cordless Alliance System (abbreviated: CAS) tools from all participating manufacturers for a wide range of applications are combined easily thanks to uniform batteries and charging devices. 

GESIPA is now one of the participating manufacturers and the CAS system is being extended to include battery-powered riveting tools. The CAS battery packs are particularly long-lasting and powerful. Depending on the design, they are based on Li-Ion or LiHD technology. At GESIPA the blind riveting and blind rivet nut setting tools can be purchased as standard with 2.0 Ah battery packs - the compact 4.0 Ah battery is also available as an accessory. But of course all other available CAS battery packs can also be used with our Bird Pro devices.
The brushless motor and 13,000 N of force make the AccuBird Pro extremely fast for installing blind rivets up to 6 mm in diameter, in any material. The BLDC motor of the AccuBird Pro has an extremely long service life and is virtually non-wearing. Compared to commercially available battery-powered tools, riveting can be done up to 4x faster making it comparable with hydropneumatic blind riveting tools. The optional autoreverse function additionally shortens the pulling process, ensuring the AccuBird Pro is immediately ready for operation. The AccuBird Pro is also equipped with the low-wear jaws system, which has already proven its worth a thousand times over.
Scope of delivery: Nosepieces: 17/20, 17/24, 17/27, 17/29, 17/32, 17/36, 17/40, additional jaw pusher for bigger blind-rivet dimensions (nosepieces required), delivered in a cardboard box


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