ACCUBIRD2-2.6 - Battery Powered Riveting Tool - Li-Ion - c/w 2 X 2.6Ah Batteries

Battery Powered Riveting Tool - Li-Ion ACCUBIRD - 2 x 2.6Ah Batteries
ACCUBIRD2-2.6 - Battery Powered Riveting Tool - Li-Ion - c/w 2 X 2.6Ah Batteries

Product Code: G-ACCUBIRD2-2.6

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BATTERY RIVETER 2.4MM - 6.0MM with 2 x 2.6Ah 14.4v Li-Ion Battery

The Accubird can set standard blind rivets up to 5,0mm in all materials and up to 6.0mm in aluminium only. It will also set Bulb-Tite rivets up to 6.3mm in aluminium.

SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL PRICE (complies with EU Directive 2006/66/EG effective Sept 2010 - withdrawl of NiCd batteries)

The versatile cableless Riveting Tool for outdoor and indoor applications.

High battery autonomy.(Between 240-1500 rivets per charge dependant upon diameter and material).

High total stroke of 20mm.

Tool comes complete in a carry case with charger and 2 x 2.6Ah batteries, and is fitted as standard with a europlug which is suitable for UK & European power supplies.

NOW WITH 2 YEARS WARRANTY AS STANDARD. (Does not cover the battery)

Full range of spare parts available

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