Spiralock Self-Clinching Miniature Fasteners

Rivetwise can supply you with the entire range of products from Stanley Engineered Fastening including the Optia Spiralock Self-Clinching Miniature Fasteners.

Spiralock Self-Clinching Miniature Fasteners

Our Self-Clinching Miniature Fasteners provide immediate visual indication when proper installation has been accomplished. A strong, knurled collar, which is completely embedded in the panel, guarantees against rotation of the fastener in the panel.

Spiralock fasteners effectively address vibration loosening issues in threaded joints, improving fatigue life and eliminating the need for other locking devices.


  • Knurled collar guarantees against rotation of the fastener in the panel.
  • Features the Spiralock proprietary wedge ramp female thread.
  • Offers improved integrity and reliability of threaded joints.
  • Self-locking thread technology eliminates need for other locking devices.
  • Made-to-order.

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