Spiralock Key Locking Threaded Inserts

Rivetwise can supply you with the entire range of products from Stanley Engineered Fastening including the Optia Spiralock Key Locking Threaded Inserts.

Spiralock Key Locking Threaded Inserts

Get all the benefits of Spiralock self locking threads, combined with a conventional key insert fastener.

Our Key Locking Threaded Inserts feature advances that protect against fastener loosening or failure in the field while at the same time having the additional benefits of reducing assembly time, maintenance costs, and even overall weight. Other benefits include reduction of galling between screw and fastener and extended reusability for exceptional product longevity.

Our key locking threaded inserts are available in miniature, lightweight, heavy duty and extra heavy duty versions.


  • Free-spinning bolt assembly.
  • Offers high strength and reliability.
  • No tang to break off after installation.
  • Preload locking with the application of torque.
  • Significantly increases torque-down and load capability in weaker materials.
  • Keys eliminate rotational movement of insert within parent material.
  • Hole preparation with standard drill and tap.
  • Impossible to cross thread during installation.
  • No special pre-winder, free spinning installation.


  • Material: Insert body – stainless steel, grade 303 or alloy A286 (140 ksi min), Keys – stainless steel, grade 302
  • Finish Options: Coating / plating – as required, passivation, lubrication option – dry film lube, silver

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Spiralock Key Locking Threaded Inserts Brochures:

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Spiralock Key Locking Threaded Inserts Brochure
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