Nelson Weld Studs

Nelson® offers a full line of standard in stock fasteners for quick shipment, as well as custom designed fasteners to meet your specific needs.

Core Construction Weld Studs:

  • S3L Shear Connectors
    • Composite design, joining concrete to steel
    • Increases loading capacity in bridges, buildings, etc.
  • H4L Concrete Anchors
    • Embedment plates
    • Frames and curbing
    • LNG vessels
    • Precast industry
  • PSR Punching Shear Resistor
    • High shear load areas in concrete construction
    • Reduces the amount of reinforcement needed
    • Eliminates column capitals
  • D2L Deformed Bar Anchors
    • Precast columns & beam connections
    • Shear walls
    • Slab closure angles
  • NEW D6L A706 Stud Weldable Rebar
    • Ductile concrete connections
    • Seismic reinforcement applications
    • Threaded, bent & straight stud applications
    • Coupled connections to main concrete reinforcement
  • More In-Stock Studs
    • ANC Unthreaded Stored Arc® Studs
    • ATC Threaded Stored Arc® Studs
    • ATS Threaded Stored Arc® Studs
    • AXC "Fir Tree" Studs
    • CFL Fully Threaded Studs
    • CFP Small Diameter Threaded Studs
    • CFX Threaded with Special Weld Base
    • CKL Collar Studs
    • CPL Partially Threaded Studs
    • D2L Deformed Bar Anchor
    • H4L Headed Concrete Anchors (HCA)
    • H8L Axle Spring Retainer Studs
    • H8X "T" Studs
    • L2L Lagging Stud with Hole
    • Metric MD Fully Threaded Studs
    • Metric MR Reduced Base Studs
    • NBL No Thread Studs
    • NKL Non-Threaded Collar Studs
    • SC-KRB GMBH Kragenbolsen (Grounded Stud)
    • TBL Internally Threaded Studs
    • TBX Internally Threaded Studs with Special Weld Base
    • TFTA Flanged Threaded Capacitor Discharge Studs
    • TFTC Flanged Threaded Capacitor Discharge Studs
    • TFTS Flanged Threaded Capacitor Discharge Studs
    • TPC Single Pointed Insulation Pins
    • WTOP Short Cycle Threaded with Large Flange
    • Miscellaneous
      • Speed Clips
      • Watertight Nuts with Lock

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