Masterfix Tools

Our range of Masterfix Tools rivet guns includes tools that are designed to make the job easier, enabling you to use the rivet guns on the full range of POP rivets and rivet nuts.

Rivet Holdings is a factory accredited service centre for MFX rivet tools.

The MFX range of hand tools for blind rivets, inserts and bolts were developed keeping the following in mind:

  • very wide range; from small compact hand tools through to heavy duty tools for continuous use
  • ergonomics
  • ease of use: all our tools for inserts/bolts are equipped with a quick interchange system
  • reliability: the tools are suitable for intensive and continuous use
  • complete: all tools are delivered with the necessary equipment to change diameters
  • modern design 

The range of hand tools is very wide: you will find a handtool for every application.