Heli-Coil Tangless Screw Thread Inserts

Rivetwise can supply you with the entire range of products from Stanley Engineered Fastening including the Optia Heli-Coil Tangless Screw Thread Inserts.

Tangless threaded inserts provide permanent, wear-resistant screw threads that completely eliminate the need for tang break-off and retrieval.

Heli-Coil Tangless Screw Thread Inserts

There are two styles of Heli-Coil tangless inserts. “Free-Running” tangless inserts provide a smooth free-running thread. The “Screw-Locking” tangless insert provides self-locking torque on the male member by a series of “chords” on one or more of the insert coils.

With tangless inserts no loose tangs are left behind, and they are the solution when foreign object debris (FOD) cannot be present in critical applications. They eliminate the need for tang break-off and tang retrieval and can be easily adjusted or removed after installation.

These inserts from Heli-Coil are the original coiled insert and have an extensive background of tension, torque, shear, vibration, and fatigue tests conducted by leading companies as well as the U.S. Military. Tangless inserts are manufactured using the same materials as standard inserts and provide the same superior performance characteristics. They are available in inch and metric series, coarse and fine.


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