Fluid Routing Clips

Popular in automotive applications, our tube routing clips enable the clear routing and secure assembly of individual or multiple leads in one clip. Often used to route fuel and brake lines prior to shipment to the final assembly plant, the fastening elements of these clips can hold up to ten leads.

Tube routing clips can attach to a stud or attach securely in a hole. Vibration-dampening features can be added to parts of the clip for added performance.

STANLEY® Engineered Plastics tube routing clips maintain strong, durable clamping pressure on tubes to keep them properly positioned, aligned, and isolated during assembly and throughout the life of the vehicle.


  • Popular in automotive applications.
  • Low insertion effort maintains OEM's installation and serviceability strategies.
  • Provides ergonomically-friendly and secure attachment.
  • Available solutions include hole, hole/isolation, and no hole solutions.
  • Can incorporate vibration-dampening features for added performance.

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