Electrical Harness Clips

Today's vehicles incorporate a huge collection of wires, hoses, and tubing that must be efficiently routed. Secure attachments must be made in a variety of locations and under a wide range of operating environments. Our solution is a broad range of engineered tie straps to enable reliable routing and fastening of complete wire harnesses.

Warren electrical straps can attach to a hole, attach to a stud, or be used to secure a wire bundle together. Warren solutions include Tie Straps, Wire Bundle Clips, Tape-On, and Adjustable Tape-On.

Our product ensures positive closure and clamping retention with an integral ratchet feature.  It also manages large variations in bundle sizes, making it possible to commonize straps across multiple applications.


  • Popular in automotive applications.
  • Can manage large variations in bundle sizes so straps can be commonized across applications.
  • Serviceable through a quick-release flex finger on the ratchet.

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