Dodge Symmetrical Miniature Inserts

Rivetwise can supply you with the entire range of products from Stanley Engineered Fastening including the Optia Dodge Symmetrical Miniature Inserts.

The trend in electronics is toward small, light items.  Our unique line of Miniature Inserts is designed for these applications. Used extensively in the smartphone industry to mate the two plastic outer housings together, resulting in a structural assembly with long service life.

Dodge Symmetrical Miniature Inserts

Miniature inserts are available in two styles: Symmetrical and Flanged.  

Symmetrical Miniature inserts are designed for high-volume production utilizing small screws. These inserts can be loaded into an automatic feeding system, without the need for special orientation, which produces higher production and lower overall cost. 

On Flanged Miniature inserts a lead-in pilot at the front end of the insert accurately positions the insert prior to installation. Opposing diagonal knurls provide excellent torque resistance and undercut for tensile strength. The added flange provides a larger bearing surface which is advantageous in weaker plastics.


  • Used extensively in smartphone industry for outer housing assembly.
  • Offered in Symmetrical and Flanged styles.
  • Flanged insert is ideal for electrical contact.
  • Symmetrical insert is ideal for high-volume production that utilizes small screws.
  • Either style can be installed with heat. 

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Dodge Symmetrical Miniature Inserts Brochure
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