Corded Electric Assembly Tools

The STANLEY® Assembly Technologies EB-Series DC Electric corded tools have been engineered to combine the latest technologies with our best design features resulting in best-in-class tools.


  • Low Friction Gearing: In both gearbox and angle head assemblies for reduced noise and vibration for improved ergonomics.
  • High Efficiency Motor: For best in class Power to Weight ratio.
  • Modular Construction: For low MTTR (Mean Time To Repair).
  • Common components reduce complexity and cost:
    • Handle/ Lever assembly common to all handheld tools.
    • Motor sizes
    • Modular gear sets
    • Angle heads
  • Field repairable:
    • Matched replacement gear sets
    • Grease fittings on all angle tubenut and crowfoot outputs for ease of preventive maintenance.