Avdel Versa-Nut Blind Rivet Nuts

Rivetwise can supply you with the entire range of products from Stanley Engineered Fastening including the Avdel Versa-Nut® blind rivet nuts.

Versa-Nut rivet nuts are designed for blind-sided use in soft materials, plasticsand composites. Versa-Nut rivet nuts have a higher pull out and torque-to-turn resistancethan most alternative blind rivet nuts. The rivet nut’s higher strength allows designersto reduce the size or number of fasteners in an assemblyand becauseit features a grip range far greater than that of a standard rivet nut, it suitsa wide number of applications.

Avdel Versa-Nut blind rivet nuts

Key features and benefits

  • Specially designed for use in soft or weak materials, plastics, composites, or very thin panels
  • Large head sizes preads clamp load of assembled joint Additional benefits against conventional rivet nuts:
  • Extra large blind side bearing area after placing offers:
    • Higher pull-out and torque-to-turn resistance
    • Less radial loading of holes in brittle materials
    • Less risk of cracking and de-lamination of composites
  • Up to twice the grip range of standard blind rivet nuts:
    • Enables a designer to reduce the size or number of fasteners in an assembly
    • Covers large variations of thicknesses

We have a range of Versa Nuts in stock and available to buy online.


  • Thread Sizes: M5 – M8c
  • Material: Steelc
  • Head Style: Large flangec
  • Body: Roundc
  • Hole Size: Imperiac

Assembly applications

  • Blow-molded automotive parts and trim fixings
  • Sandwiched sections, and composite panels in truck, bus, caravan and marine interiors
  • General composite and plastic sections for toys
  • Small domestic appliances
  • Containers
  • Display panels
  • Plastic furniture
  • Fiberboard and plywood assemblies

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Avdel Versa-Nut Blind Rivet Nuts Brochure
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