Rivet & Rivet Nut Tool Repair

Rivet Tool Repair

With extensive experience within the air tool repair trade Rivetwise can offer a quick response to solving most rivet & rivet nut tool repair situations. Over the years a vast amount of tooling problems spiral from the lack of maintenance and service causing costly production problems.

Rivet & Rivet Nut Tool Hire

Tool Hire

As well as offering rivet tools for sale throughout the website we also offer a loan/hire facility whilst rivet tools are awaiting repair or if an extra tool is required for a short period (dependant upon availability at the time).

Rivet Tool Spares

Rivet Tool Spares

Not only do we sell rivet tools but we stock spares for most of the major brands - including Far, Gesipa, Pop and Lobster. 

Tool Sustainability

Tool Sustainability

Although we can not eliminate waste production by working together, we can make a significant difference. We adopt a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle policy in our tool services department to make sure we play our part in helping to reduce landfill waste, pollution and save energy.

Laser Marking / Etching Services For Tools

Laser Marking / Etching

Rivetwise can offer a variety of laser marking & etching services on many materials. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and consistently high levels of service.

Bespoke Foaming / Tool Control Solutions

Tool Control Solutions

Rivetwise tool control solutions will not only help you to easily find your tools, but also make it easy to identify any tools that have gone missing.