Onsite Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Programs

At RAF Services LTD we pride ourselves on providing an all round reliable and lasting service. By endeavoring to do this over the years it came to our attention that a vast amount of tooling problems spiral from the lack of training and service provided.

If these services were given upon purchase then throughout the productive life of the tooling this would put you in a position to predict and take precautions preventing down time in production. With these situations in mind we decided that the ideal way for us to keep tooling in continuous use with minimum down time is to put in place a managed service program within the tools environment and working with tool operators ensuring correct use of these tools.

For information on Onsite Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Programs:-

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Outlined below are the benefits proposed:

  • Safety
  • Operation of tooling advised
  • Installation of tooling
  • Correct tooling to suit applications
  • Cost affective maintenance procedures
  • Full monthly tool inventory
  • Full tool service history
  • Cost analysis on request for individual tooling
  • Reduced labour and spares costs for in house / overhaul repairs
  • Loan tools provided if tools are taken off site
  • Reduced down time in production
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Full consultancy onsite / offsite

We've worked closely with numerous customers and together have put solutions in place to prevent down time and cost effective maintenance procedures.

We have found that small problems lead to the biggest expense as this basic example illustrates.

Riveting tool problem - (Jammed mandrel)
You contact service centre, tool is collected or you post tool via carrier.
Time taken by engineer to assess tool for quote.
Processing quote and advising you of cost.
Engineer repairing tool.
Tool returned to yourselves.
Invoice raised.

Estimated costs. (Everyday breakdowns sent to service centres for repair)
1 week - 10 tools @ 40 per tool = 400 plus spares were required.

Estimated costs. (Onsite preventative maintenance programs)
40 tools onsite 1-2 hours per call out @ 40 per hour plus spares were required.