Helicoil Inserts, Master Sets & Thread Repair Kits

Manufactured to the highest quality since 1938, Helicoil screw thread inserts have been stringently tested for the demands of manufacturing, but especially the aerospace and defence industries. Helicoil inserts provide you with a proven track record of superior performance,reliability and integrity.

The Helicoil products we offer include a wide range of globally referenced aerospace and defence wire thread inserts specified and used by major manufacturers around the world. We have available not only Helicoil thread inserts but also the related thread repair kits and master sets available to buy online at great prices.

Helicoil Accreditations

 A-A-59158  AS1229-3083  AS1394-3097
 AS9100  ASME B18.29.1  FED-STD-H28
 ISO9001  NASM8846  NASM122076-122275
 NASM124651-124850  NASM21209  NASM33537
 MA1565  MA1567  MA3279,3280,3281
 SBAC  TS16949