Stanley Assembly Technologies SB25PT-05 - First battery powered speed tool to market!

06 - May - 2021

The SB25PT-05 ergonomic, cordless Speed Fastening tool maximizes placing capability, ensures optimum productivity, and reduces installation cost. Providing a world beating system coupled with NeoSpeed® fasteners. Offering the most versatile Speed fastener and the most portable Speed Fastening tool.

Benefits of using the tool include:

  • Enhances operator mobility, enabling them to move easily around applications without the constraints and hazards of a compressed air line.
  • Improves accessibility to narrow spaces due to the longer barrel design.
  • Maximizes output and reduces operator fatigue thanks to it’s
  • balanced, ergonomic design. Prevents unscheduled downtime, combining the benefits of long-
  • lasting DEWALT lithium ion battery with industry leading charging
  • time. Tool-less, quick change, nose jaw and tail jaw systems further
  • enhances productivity.
  • Delivers permanent and vibration-resistant assembly when used in
  • conjunction with Avdel® Speed Fasteners.
  • Simplified inventory management, service and support as a result of
  • the single source tool and fastener system offering.

Suitable for:

  • Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) applications
  • Lighting applications
  • Domestic appliances
  • Seating and interior trim automotive applications
  • Automotive aftermarket (roof bars, roof boxes, small trailers)
  • Bus & coach ancillaries applications

SB25PT-05 should be coupled with NeoSpeed® fasteners, which together are a world beating system, offering the most versatile Speed fastener and the most portable Speed Fastening tool.