Tool Sustainability

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

Although we can not eliminate waste production by working together, we can make a significant difference. We adopt a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle scheme within our tool services department to make sure we play our part in helping to reduce landfill waste, pollution and save energy.


Think before you bin! With extensive experience within the air and battery tool repair trade, we can offer our customers a quick response to solving most tool repair situations. Do you have a faulty tool that needs fixing? Why not send it to us before going to the expense of re-purchasing! We can strip and assess equipment for a small charge, waived if the repair goes ahead. Where a tool is uneconomical to repair, and new equipment (like for like) is purchased through us, we will also waive the strip and assessment fee. We can also offer customers a comprehensive tool spares programme, along with a tailored tool maintenance service to help prolong the life of installation equipment.

We do not stop there!

Our tool services department will work with you to identify cost-effective and simple maintenance procedures that will prolong the production life of your riveting systems. We have fully trained engineers at the end of a phone line, always ready to advise on what may be a simple change of oil to bring your rivet tool back to life. We can also offer Onsite training programs providing information to both operators and maintenance departments on how to maintain their equipment. 


Where a tool is unusable beyond economical repair, our in-house team will offer our customers a discount on their (like for like) new equipment if they trade in their old tools.

That’s Stiil not it!

Our tooling experts will then look at fixing the tool and using it for rehire by using recycled replacement parts, or they will look at breaking it down to be used for obsolete tool spares. 

We offer a range of hire tools for customers waiting for their equipment to be repaired or who don’t want to go to the expense of purchasing equipment. We also have stock obsolete tools to hire for customers who can no longer get their hands on them.


Finally, we offer a recycling policy where our customers have the opportunity to drop off their old tools so they can be disposed of correctly. All equipment will be properly disassembled and taken to an authorised recycling centre. 

To find out more about our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Scheme contact: 0121 766 5445 or email



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