We are committed to:

  • Partnering with sustainable companies 
  • Improving the social & economic well being of the community 
  • Eliminating waste and pollution 
  • Being more energy efficient 
  • Recycling wherever possible 
  • Using electrical fleet vehicles 

To help protect our planet and minimise our carbon footprint. 

Partnering with sustainable companies

We are proud of our premium partnership with STANLEY® Engineered Fastening, an industry leader accelerating in creating a smarter and greener future in all that they do. The Stanley Black and Decker Group is committed to environmental sustainability. They also aim to become carbon positive by 2030. 

Improving the social and economic well being of the community 

We are keen to raise awareness on social issues and support charities that are important to our employees. We have partnered with the Lennox Children's Cancer Trust for many years and make regular company donations throughout the year. Keen to put back into our local community, we have also recently partnered with Kidderminster Harriers Football Club. Our sponsorship partnership will help to support the sustainability of the club.

Eliminating waste and pollution

Although we can not completely eliminate waste production by working together, we can make a significant difference. We adopt a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle policy in our tool services department to make sure we play our part to help reduce landfill waste, pollution and save energy.

Being more energy efficient

We are committed to being more energy efficient by 2023. As members of the Staffordshire Business and Environment Network, we are looking at ways to lower our carbon footprint and increase our energy efficiency. 

Recycling wherever possible

We are passionate when it comes to recycling. Where possible, we pack our products in recyclable cardboard boxes. We also keep the packaging we receive from our suppliers, reuse where possible and recycle where we can’t.

Electrical fleet vehicles 

In Spring 2022, we are switching to EV for some of our fleet vehicles to help make our streets cleaner and our towns and cities a better place to be.