Open End & Closed End Rivets

You may have heard that we do open-end and closed-end rivets but do you know the difference?? 

Open-end rivets are hollow blind rivets that are pre-assembled onto a headed pin or mandrel. After installation, these rivets resemble tubular rivets, but instead, the mandrel head stays inside the body of the rivet. Open-end rivets provide a wide spread and strong low cost fastening solution for low load bearing requirements and are popular for many industrial applications.

Closed-end rivets are designed for watertight applications. They are a tubular rivet with a mandrel through the center. Unlike open-end rivets, closed-end rivets create a complete seal that prevents liquid or gas penetration. This seal is possible thanks to a cup-shaped end configuration which will prevent gas or liquid from getting around or through the set rivet. Closed-end rivets are popular on applications used for white goods, electronics, signs and outdoor casing. 

Both open and closed-end rivets come in a variety of material combinations. See our Rivet Page for further information.