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Invertek Drives - Helicoil® Products

We always aim to go the extra mile and provide a specialised service to all of our customers. Our expertise will help you to find the best solution for your requirements. 

Our customer Invertek Drives were looking for a variety of Helicoil® products and inserting tools, they contacted Rivetwise to help with their enquiry. 

"We found Rivetwise through an internet search. We needed to use aluminium for some fixing plates for a motor rig that is used by Invertek for testing. The motor test rig would have different motors fitted frequently. As the fixings were stainless steel we required some helicoils that would prevent galling in the aluminium plates and also galvanic corrosion. We worked with Rivetwise to find the right helicoil for the job. The fact that we could buy the taps and fitment tools from the same source as the helicoils really impressed us. This provided  reassurance that the plate make could implement the solution effectively. 

Rivetwise were extremely accommodating throughout the process. Anna is one of the friendliest and genuinely caring sales people I have had the pleasure to work with". 

Ben Roper
Innovation Test Engineer
Invertek Drives

The Helicoil® products we offer include a wide range of globally referenced aerospace and defence wire thread inserts specified and used by major manufacturers around the world. We have available not only Helicoil® thread inserts but also the related Helicoil® thread repair kits and master sets available to buy online at great prices.

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