Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is a POP Rivet?

A POP Rivet is a blind fastener which can be inserted and set from one side of the work piece. Depending on the application, they can be used as replacements for welds, adhesives, screws, nuts and bolts.

A typical POP Rivet is made up of two key parts; the rivet body and the setting mandrel. The POP Rivet is inserted into a pre-drilled hole in the materials you're joining together. The mandrel is gripped by a POP Rivet gun or tool. To Riveting tool pulls mandrel through the body of the rivet and sets it. This forms a strong, tight and reliable joint.


Q Fully Sealed Fastening

Closed End/Sealing Rivets should be specified for all of the many applications where a fully sealed fastening is essential. This rivet design produces a seal that prevents passage of liquid or vapour at pressures up to 500 psi.


Q General Design Practice

The success of any fastener depends on how well it's applied and POP rivets are no exception. Careful design will produce good fastenings. Some of the variables to consider are:

  • Joint type, configuration, thick­ness, and material
  • Hole size
  • Tool access
  • Rivet size, material, and spacing
  • Tightness of clinch
  • Hole type

In addition, we offer the ser­vices of our engineering staff to help with unusual requirements.


Q What Rivet or Rivet Nut do I need?

If you are unsure what you require or need assistance with application engineering please contact us.

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